What is an RPZ?
RPZ stands for Reduced Pressure Zone and what this devices does is protect your drinking water.
How it does this, is that it prevents any contaminated water or chemicals from flowing back into your drinking water supply if by any reason there is a sudden or unexpected change in pressure.

Why do you need an RPZ
You need an RPZ when there is a break in the pipe where it might introduce contaminate into the system.
This break in pipe can be caused by:
Irrigation/Water systems
Boilers containing rust inhibitors
Fire suppression sprinkler systems

Who needs an RPZ?
EVERYONE needs an RPZ device

Maintenance of RPZ Backflow Preventer?
As of NYC Plumbing code change of July 1, 2008 NYC requires that every building with an RPZ to have it tested annually (once a year)

What we do for you?
We Test, Design, Install and Repair any RPZ
By code of NYC every one who is updating a residence will need to add an RPZ system and because of this you will need someone reliable and who has extensive experience in RPZ backflow prevention.
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